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Choose an 0844 number. When you are called on that number, our system forwards the call to a fixed line or mobile phone of your choice, anywhere in the world.
New: If you've got a VoIP we can forward to that as well. :
(Voice over Internet Protocol - a protocol optimized for the transmission of speech over the Internet, and used in cheaper alternatives to traditional PSTN telephony system) we can forward to that as well.


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i keep missing calls!
Grab an 0800 number and Receive faxes, setup voicemail, and a free virtual switchboard. You can forward calls to your mobile phone or land lines, nationally and internationally. And manage all your numbers through our easy peasy on line control panel. You will never miss another phone call again, ever, honest! (unless you really intend to!)

what's the 0844 cost?

 0844 Number

 0844 number
Click here to Order your 0844 number

 0844 number

What's the set up cost? FREE
How much is the line rental?3.00 per calendar month
Payout Rates (What you will recive from callers) 1.2 to 2.5 pence per minute
Where will it divert to?UK Landlines, Mobiles and 180 Countries Worldwide
How much to divert to UK mobiles?Landline divert PLUS mobile network charge (depends on network time of day etc.)
How much do they cost to call? 1 to 5 pence per minute
How can I pay? Credit / Debit Card, Cash, Cheque, Postal Order or Bank Transfer

Special Offer

Sign up for additional 0800 / 0845 / 0870 numbers for only 3 PCM, with no signup paid annually in advance, excl. free minutes. N.B. prices are adjusted at invoice stage.

Cost to call: From 1ppm to 5ppm from BT landlines, more from mobiles (see below). dmClub 0844 numbers are charged at 5ppm enabling a greater range of inclusive diverts and payout.

Image: Indicates a fairly big (possibly national) company who is not desperate for call traffic.

Cost of ownership: The owner may pay setup and rental but not call fees (unless the call needs to be diverted to an expensive destination such as mobile or high-tariff international regions). Indeed there may be a payout when diverting to the cheaper locations. dmClub 0844 numbers will divert to landlines in the Big34 countries without charge. Most popular destinations will also result in a payout - up to 2.5ppm for UK landline or 3ppm for VOIP-trunk - that may make the number cash-generating.

International accessibility: Medium.

Regulatory issues: This range is largely replacing the 0845 and has a more certain future.

Mobile accessibility: All UK operators overcharge for calls to 0844 numbers

Typical Applications: Usually in a support situation where callers are not so cost-sensitive and the owner wishes to have fixed costs and perhaps defray some of the operating expense. This is widely regarded as 'the new 0845'

i still have questions!...

No problem - just take a look at our 0844 numbers frequently asked questions



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