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Fax to Email


Fax to Email

Fax to email is a free service that allows you to receive faxes directly to your email address as email attachments. It's an easy and confidential way of receiving, storing and forwarding important fax documents. With fax to email faxes no longer sit on a shared fax machine they are delivered to you by email so you can collect from wherever you are in the world. Fax to email will save your business both time and money.

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what are the benefits of fax to email?

  • Pick up faxes while your travelling
  • Store and archive faxes on your computer
  • Sharing faxes with your colleagues in a few seconds
  • Increase security of your fax with encryption
  • Avoid fax machine and other hardware expenses
  • Forward incoming faxes to the most convenient computer
  • Receive faxes in your email as a TIFF/PDF image file 
  • Faxes are delivered immediately direct to your email account
  • Ensures total confidentiality and mobility
  • It is easy to share faxes with colleagues
  • Eliminate the risk of mislaid faxes
  • Create an electronic store of important information sent on fax
  • Use fax to email as a paper scanning service, by sending yourself a fax
  • Your fax number is never busy, allowing you to simultaneously receive multiple faxes, thus improving productivity.
  • Note: Mac users can obtain software called Tiff-Sight to open multi-page TIFF format images. Windows users can simply use Windows Imaging to view their faxes.

    free fax to email ?

  •  Fax to Email Fax to Email

    Fax to email is a free service with any of our DM fax numbers. To check the pricing please refer to the appropriate page for the number type you require. So if you are looking for a 0870 fax number the cost will be the same as for a 0870 voice number, and so on. Don't forget our special offer.....

    Special Offer

    Sign up for additional 0800 / 0845 / 0870 numbers for only 3 PCM, with no signup paid annually in advance, excl. free minutes. N.B. prices are adjusted at invoice stage.

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    why should i choose 1sttc?...

    • Huge range of standard and memorable gold numbers.
    • Established Telecoms Supplier - Now in its 9th year of trading.
    • Full web based control 24 hours a day.
    • Money Back Guarantee - full refund within 14 days - nothing to lose!

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    Fax to email allows you to receive faxes from any dm Number to your own fax machine or directly to your email inbox as file attachments. It's an easy and confidential way of receiving, storing and forwarding important fax documents. 
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