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Our telephone system is a Virtual Switchboard, a call centre solution that's FREE with any of our numbers. Now small and medium size businesses have a chance to compete with larger companies thanks to our Virtual Telephone System. It provides you with a complete and sophisticated call centre solution allowing you to design and build your own Switchboard that offers all the benefits of a Call Centre.


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what does our Telephone System do?

When a client dials your number they hear your welcome message followed by up to nine menu choices. Each menu choice can be either a divert to a telephone, voice mail or information announcement. Diverts can be to landlines, mobiles and phones in over 180 countries.

You can choose to have your virtual telephone system represent you as a single department which can forward all your calls or take voicemail messages with either a system generated greeting or your own recorded greeting. Or you can use your switchboard to offer multiple departments with a menu greeting such as "Press 1 for sales, 2 for Support" etc.

what are the telephone system features?

  • Call Groups - Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Billing, 3 for Support, 4 for etc.
  • Product Information Option - Record messages for your customers.
  • Divert to Landlines or Mobiles in the UK and Worldwide - On demand.
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  • Intelligent Call Routing - Divert calls wherever and whenever you need them.
  • Voicemail to Email - Share voicemail between departments and staff.
  • Record your own Greetings - Personalised greetings via Telephone or using Sound Files.
  • Sound Library -Use our Online Sound Library or upload your own to personalise messages.
  • Caller Identification - Ideal for Entrepreneurs with multiple businesses.
  • Time of Day Routing - Direct calls dependant on time of day.
  • Out of Office - Manually set to Out of Office so you don't miss calls while away.
  • Second Call - Place a caller on hold and make a second call without a second phone line.
  • Call Transfer - Place caller on hold - make a second call and Transfer caller to the other party.
  • Call Holding - Place a caller on hold just like on non virtual switchboards.
  • Call Logging - Who called, where call was routed and at what time.
  • Web Control - Total control 24/7 TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Virtual Porting - Point your existing number to one of our numbers and get all the great features listed above.
  • what will it cost me?

     Telephone System
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    What's the cost? FREE* with any of our numbers

    *Usage restrictions apply to 070x numbers, if the number does not receive calls totalling a certain number of minutes in any month, a fee of 5 +vat will be made for that month, 100 minutes are required for 070059 & 07050 numbers and 200 minutes for 070058 and 07020 numbers. If this happens you always have the option to change the number back to an ordinary (non switchboard) number.

    Special Offer

    Sign up for additional 0800 / 0845 / 0870 numbers for only 3 PCM, with no signup paid annually in advance, excl. free minutes. N.B. prices are adjusted at invoice stage.

    why should I choose 1sttc?...

    • Huge range of standard and memorable gold numbers.
    • Established Telecoms Supplier - Now in its 9th year of trading.
    • Full web based control 24 hours a day.
    • Money Back Guarantee - full refund within 14 days - nothing to lose!

    i still have questions!...

    No problem - just take a look at our free switchboard frequently asked questions here.

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    Our Virtual Switchboard service allows customers to design and build their own Call Centre / Switchboard, it offers all the facilities of a Call Centre, and should be considered when outsourcing your Call Centre. It is the perfect Call Centre Solution when establishing a UK Call Centre..
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