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Everything you ever wanted to know about 1stTC's free switchboard service!
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what are the features of the free switchboard service?

  • Online Virtual Switchboard Controls - Easy to use browser based admin and setup control panel available online. You can also setup or amend your virtual switchboard settings, call group and department structure, change voicemail and call divert option.
  • Online Setup Wizard - its so easy to use you will have your greetings, announcements, departments/call groups, diverts and voicemail setup in no time.
  • Call Groups - You can setup a number of department's or call groups, each Call Group (department) can then put the call through to up to 9 phone numbers, or offer information such as a system generated or recorded messages, or can contain it's own menu for further options.
  • Call Routing to the UK & Worldwide - You can divert calls to up to 9 different numbers for each department. The cost of call forwarding depends on what sort of DM Number you have, the type of phone you are diverting to, and its location.
  • Voicemail-2-Email - Whenever the a call is not answered the system can record a voicemail message from the caller and deliver it to you as an email attachment.
  • Provide Information - A virtual switchboard menu item can be set just provide information and sales messages, e.g. "Press 3 for today's special offers".
  • Synthetic Voice System - Using the Setup Wizard you simply type in your message or menu item and the "Robot" will read it out to your callers. NOTE: this is a very high quality synthesised voice system. It does not sound like a robot!
  • Upload Your Own Sound Library - You can record and upload your own sound files to use in place of the "Robot", the sounds could be voice greetings or music etc.
  • Time of Day Routing - Set your office hours for each day of the week so that calls are automatically routed either to your phones or to voicemail depending on the day and time.
  • Set Out of Office - As well as normal office hours you can also manually set the system to Outh of Office so you don't miss calls while away from your home or office or while in meetings etc.
  • Mid Call Services - Together, a range of mid call options give you the powerful features for your virtual switchboard usually only found on a regular state of the art switchboards that require a substantial investment in hardware and software.
  • Call Holding - Place a caller on hold just like on non virtual switchboards.
  • Second Call - While a caller on hold make a second call without a second phone line.
  • Call Transfer - After placing a caller on hold and making a second call you can use the virtual switchboard to transfer your caller to the first caller.
  • Call and Message Logs - Online log of all calls and messages that your virtual switchboard has handled including the date/time and the number called from (unless it's withheld).
  • Caller ID - CLI information is provided so you can see who is calling before you answer (the originating network and your own line must support the feature it and it is not withheld)
  • Virtual Porting of Your Existing Phone - You can divert your existing phone number to one of our 0207 numbers and benefit from virtual switchboard features on calls to your existing number, please note that your existing telecoms provider may charge you for the diversions.
  • Live Answering Service Option - Your virtual switchboard can be combined with  the professional Live Answering Service , so that for any call group, the call can be answered by a real person, your very own receptionist for your own switchboard.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    Absolutely not! the table below gives you our total cost for the service.

    what will it cost me?

     Virtual Switchboard
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    What's the cost? FREE* with any of our numbers

    *Usage restrictions apply to 070x numbers, if the number does not receive calls totalling a certain number of minutes in any month, a fee of 5 +vat will be made for that month, 100 minutes are required for 070059 & 07050 numbers and 200 minutes for 070058 and 07020 numbers. If this happens you always have the option to change the number back to an ordinary (non switchboard) number.

    Special Offer

    Sign up for additional 0800 / 0845 / 0870 numbers for only 3 PCM, with no signup paid annually in advance, excl. free minutes. N.B. prices are adjusted at invoice stage.


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