Gold Numbers

Gold numbers are memorable numbers, so called simply because they are easy to remember. They come in differing price ranges with the easiest to remember being the most expensive. Memorable gold numbers are a massive aid to sales because they give your potential customer the ability to see or hear your number once from your advertising and then remember it so that they can call you at a more convenient time .

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what are the benefits of a Gold Number?

  • Memorable numbers are vital for any high profile TV, radio or print advertising campaigns
  • Your customers are more likely to remember 0800 800 8888 than 0800 729 29564!
  • Gold numbers make your company look more professional
  • Gold numbers make you stand out from the competition
  • how do I order a Gold Number?
    When you go to our order form, you will be presented with hundreds of different numbers for you to choose from. If you wish, you can choose a Gold number for an additional one-off fee.

    There is no functional difference between an ordinary telephone number and a Gold telephone number. However, Gold numbers do contain memorable, repeated, sequential, mirrored or relatively rare (e.g. 000, 111, 123, 321123, 424242 etc) combinations of digits, making them more easily remembered.

    what will a gold number cost me?

    Gold Numbers gold numbers

    Click to Order gold numbers

    The cost of gold numbers varies from 25 to 1000 depending upon how memorable the number sequence is. On the order form you will see . . . .
    Number Class Gold Fee
     0800-011-2009 250.00
     0800-011-2099 100.00

    The Gold fee is the price for the particular memorable number

    Special Offer

    Sign up for additional 0800 / 0845 / 0870 numbers for only 3 PCM, with no signup paid annually in advance, excl. free minutes. N.B. prices are adjusted at invoice stage.

    why should i choose 1sttc?...

    • Huge range of standard and memorable gold numbers.
    • Established Telecoms Supplier - Now in its 9th year of trading.
    • Full web based control 24 hours a day.
    • Money Back Guarantee - full refund within 14 days - nothing to lose!

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    Gold numbers, silver numbers, platinum numbers are all terms used to describe memorable telephone numbers. Memorable telephone numbers have a sequence or combination of numbers that are easily remembered. Ideal for TV, Radio advertising campaigns.
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