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Online Home Business

One comment we often hear is "If I had the money to join, I wouldn't be looking to earn money". Well you don't need to pay to join us at 1stTC, you get a totally FREE online home business without even the need to use our products! (although we really would like it if you did!)


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what is 1stTC's Online Home Business?

Our online home business is complete and very simple to run and administer.  We do everything for you:
  • We Take Care of all the Billing
  • We Take Care of all the Technical Support
  • We Take Care of the Online Ordering
  • We Take Care of the customer payment process
  • We train you
  • We Take Care of YOU
  • You find your customers
  • You receive 40% of the profits
  • You are paid every month
  • You take care of your customers
  • There is no stock
  • There are no deliveries
  • There is no financial risk

what do I get?
Everything you need to start a successful Online Home Business. We provide you with 3 websites, (1 telecom, 1 mobile phone, 1 VOIP) branded with your own name and logo (except VOIP) and a complete 'back office' system where you can check - in real time:

  • Your Orders
  • Your Commissions
  • Your sales analysis
  • You can lookup customers
  • You can change your settings
  • You can lookup help files
    And Much More!

If you want to Build Your Own master website (like this one), that's great! We know it will help your home business immensely, so we will even give you free support and a Completely Free Hosting Account. (top class UK based unlimited hosting)

what do I sell?
A complete range of high end telecoms products aimed at the small to medium business and sole trader/entrepreneur. These include: 0800, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0207 numbers, fax to email, conferencing, phone answering, VOIP, and mobile phones.

do I need any technical knowledge?

No, not really. We will take care of all the technical support for you, so you don't need in-depth knowledge. Obviously, as with any business, you need to know the basics of the products you are offering.

how much can I make?
That's up to you!, there are no limits - and remember your income is residual - so you are paid over and over for the same sale! Every time your customers make a call or renew their monthly subscriptions you are paid again. As you can guess, this builds to provide you with a steady income even if you don't gain another customer! It's the perfect Online Home Business!

is it MLM?
Certainly not, this is an ethical Online Home Business. We have no connection with illegal or 'Scam' multi level marketing or pyramid selling techniques.

what will it cost me?
It's FREE so Nothing! (not a lot more to say really)

are there any hidden costs?
Absolutely not! It's totally, completely utterly FREE.

how do I join?
Just complete our online form, (a new window will open) and we will have you setup with your online home business in no time!
If you are unsure, or have nagging questions just send an email to and we will answer any concerns you may have.



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