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Sales on the beach with Phone Answering Service
Everyone needs a holiday, however potential sales are not very forgiving if their calls are not answered immediately. But with our live (human) answering service your calls are answered 24/7, whether you are sunning yourself on the beach, hiking in the wilds or even relaxing with a book. By forwarding calls to our Live Answering Team who forward the messages immediately by SMS and email, you can decide which calls to return and when to return them. Never miss that important sales call again - it may even pay for the holiday!
Assigned Personal Assistants
You will soon be assigned your very own personal assistant who will be at your mercy 24/7 (well almost!)
It's true, you will be given the email address and personal mobile phone number of your assigned slave, sorry assistant who will be available to you whenever they are awake! They are always helpful and friendly (possibly less so at 3am on a Sunday morning) and will do their very best to help you.
Now obviously they would prefer to have some semblance of a life, so we do ask you to keep the contact to the normal 9-5 office hours if you can. But, if you really have a pressing problem or question that just can't wait, please feel free to ruin their evening or weekend!
We may be making this sound like a light hearted joke, but we do take your business seriously, and we will be on hand whenever we can to help you.
24-7 Technical Assistance.
All our customers now have technical support available 24hrs a day every day via our dedicated technical support team who are all based in the UK, so you won't have someone in a Bombay call centre who can't speak English very well.
Conference Calling!
All Talking... Now we have made conferencing easy to use, friendly, spontaneous and at a very attractive price.
SMS Notify, Advanced Mode.
SMSNotify...Now you can be notified of urgent messages, at just 9pence (inc vat) per message, on nearly any network in the world.
Owners Abroad, UK virtual Presence.
More UK entrepreneurs are buying their little place in the sun, but they want to give their customers the impression that they are slaving away in their plush London offices, rather than enjoying a G&T at the 19th hole in Spain.
Conference Calling Overview.
dmAllTalk will integrate conferencing into the heart of the dmNumbers and dmCalls. Why should phone calls only be between two people? dmClub will bring new levels of simplicity to the once "Stuffy Corporate Only" voice conferencing market. HAVE YOUR SAY, LET US KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE

Silly News
Boffins develop phone call boredom spotter

You've got to be very careful with technology that tries to define
human motivation Ė computers are lousy at it.

This latest project by MIT is a case in point. It's well known that
the human emotional state effects voice patterns and that certain
feelings can drastically change your speech. Try asking the most
attractive person in a club to dance and you'll see it in action
yourself. But it's a long way from that to expecting a computer
program to be able to predict emotions.

Nearly a decade ago we tested a lie detection system that uses similar
technology and the results were disappointing to say the least. If the
results were to be believed our girlfriends didnít love us, our bosses
were lying to us and so were the press officers. OK, the last one
might have been true, but the point is that if you place too much
trust in these things you'll come a cropper.


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