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Our Partners make margins of up to 60% on every number and service they sell, meaning that it's easy to generate a healthy profit. With our Partner Program you can resell all of our products (either under your own name or using our brand) We welcome partners of all sizes, some of our most successful started out small. We also have a FREE Home Business Option!


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The 3rights solution

To sound as professional as they look online, your customers must get it right in all 3 of the areas that comprise good business telephony.

The 3 rights. Use the tight number, use the right process, answer the right way.

Partner Program Support

Partners get all the benefits of DM’s well-developed product and marketing support – meaning that they can get up-and-running quickly, sell the 3rights solution easily, and that their customers are in safe hands. The partner program guarantees:

  • Dedicated assistance from a Partnership Manager
  • Full access to an online real-time portal, containing commercial, marketing and technical information.
  • Regular commission cheques, paid on time
  • Full access to all products
  • Ongoing product support
  • Marketing graphics and copy resources
  • No discrimination between more established partners and those still climbing the ladder
  • A commitment to respect for your brand.
Choose Pro Partner or Wholesaler

You can choose between signing on as a Pro Partner or a Wholesaler.
The difference?
as well as selling the 3rights solution to customers, Wholesalers can recruit additional partners, and receive up to 32% of the margin earned on usage of all numbers and services that their partners sell.

Support package
Dedicated Partnership Manager
Access to online controls and real-time sales reporting
Free 0800 / 0870 number [ 1 ]
(rental to be paid after 6 months)
Marketing support:
A startup marketing package, including templates for an email campaign based on the 3rights. Access to resources, including content, copy, and graphics, which can be used on websites, in print, etc.
Invite to training day (attendance optional)
Quarterly newsletter
Financial package
1-off signup fee (ex VAT) [ 2 ]
Signup fee refund promise :
Satisfaction guaranteed; and get the sign-up fee back if you make £1K value-add in the first quarter
40% – 60% margin on number sales and service sales
Up to 32% margin on number/service usage of products sold by partners you recruit

[1] 0800 available free including first 30 minutes basic usage each month. Subsequent basic usage is billed / 0870 basic usage is free.
[2] Pro Partners can upgrade to Wholesalers for £150 + VAT.

Income Example: If you sell only ten 0870 numbers (5 of which have a gold value), you will earn approximately £325 immediately. If you add an answering service and a fax number to this, you earn £500. You will also enjoy an ongoing revenue stream from usage charges (the fees paid when the numbers are called).

The partner program is open to all types of internet services companies, and our business process is suitable to a variety of sales environments:

  • Web sales
  • Direct high street sales
  • Networking
  • Telephone sales

Our eCommerce engine is the best in the industry. It offers real-time:

  • Online Ordering
  • Number selection (including gold number selection)
  • Fulfilment of orders
  • Order status notification
  • Commission reporting
  • Campaign profitability analysis

We're upfront and pay on time, and no large investment of time or money is necessary on your part.

how do I join?
Just complete our online form, (a new window will open) and we will have you setup with your Partner Program business in no time!
If you are unsure, or have nagging questions just send an email to and we will answer any concerns you may have.




“The best thing about DM is the versatility of the system. Customers can start using their number in minutes” – A successful partner whose core business is domain name sales and web hosting
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