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VOIP may sound like an alien infection, but itís the hottest word in telecom right now. VOIP not only offers big savings (about 20 to 50 percent depending on the service and your needs) but you get features usually found only on high-end phone systems, such as call routing and voicemail-to-email integration.


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what is VOIP?

VOIP comes in two basic flavours:
A hardware based
VOIP service that use a converter box attached to your phone, or a VOIP phone. A Software based VOIP service that require a computer.

Software VOIP services from companies such as Skype are descendants of the original hacker-level VOIP packages. These software based systems handle call processing on your computer instead of on a dedicated box or phone, they slow up your computer, have low quality, and they lack complete call-and-receive interconnect services to public phone networks.

Software based packages have improved in sound quality over the years (if you have broadband and a fast PC), but they are still not at the same level as the hardware based VOIP service. Some still suffer from a disjointed walkie-talkie feel to the conversations. Many only let you talk to other people using the same software, while others let you call regular phone users (usually at extra cost), but prohibit you from receiving calls from them. In addition, your PC must always be on, and you may need to use a PC-based speaker or headset system rather than a regular phone.

By contrast, most big telephone companies are embracing the hardware-based VoIP service. Hardware-based systems offer higher voice quality, better reliability, and more features, especially those that relate to landline usage. These systems allow you to plug a standard phone into a converter box, which in turn connects to your broadband modem or home router. (Some offer bundled routers and others provide you with a telephone system that includes a router.) Anyone can receive a call placed this way; no special software or converter box is required at the recipient end.

Hardware-based services have brought quality and reliability to VoIP .To place a hardware-based VoIP call, you must have a VoIP converter box between your phone and broadband internet connection. Anyone can receive a call placed this way, no software or converter box is required at the recipient end.

Unless you are on a tight budget, and are willing to put up with the lesser sound quality and features of the low-cost software packages, we recommend getting a hardware-based service. 

1stTC will be introducing VOIP Services very soon, watch this space!


VOIP voice over internet protocol, is also known as internet calling, broadband telephony, sip, sip calling, broadband calling, internet telephony and a host of other weird and wonderful abbreviated wordings that no-one ever understands!
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